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Guardian Angel Handyman--Painter

Redding, CA

Here's the story of guardian angel handyman

"Lifelong Redding Resident---Painting the Town for Over 40 Years!

​     That's how my painting ads used to be titled. Painting contractor for over forty years! I am a lifelong Redding resident. All my schooling is here, save for a little college out of town. Daughter and grandson reside in Redding. That's my roots. US Army Vet, graduated from the US Armed Services School of Music in the late 60's. I am a professional trumpet player/singer/entertainer. 

    Now, about painting and handyman work. Funny thing happened quite some years ago. While being given a painting job (exterior) the home owner said he'd hire me just as soon as he could get some fascia replaced (wood rot). I thought about that a moment and realized by the time he could get a carpenter to even return his calls, let alone do the work, I might have to wait 2 or 3 months. No way! I offered to do the work myself and just include it in the bill. This was the perfect beginning to "GUARDIAN ANGEL HANDYMAN"!

    So you know, I've had a lifetime of "handyman" experience. Not just painting :-)!  My father was a very crafty guy (that didn't sound right), and could fix or build most anything. Taught me much of what he knew. I became good at fixing most everything around the home (for others, and out of necessity) and on painting jobs always was willing to lend a helping hand when a home owner had little "issues" around the house besides paint problems.

     Moving along, I've been actively involved in handyman work since about the year 2002. Then a few years ago I'm sure you'll remember the crunch that hit the country. House sales went south; construction of homes stopped; people were out of work, etc.!  Well, I learned very quickly that when we go into a recession people don't paint their homes. At least they don't hire a contractor to do the work. Understandable! Well, you may not paint your home, but you will fix a broken toilet, leaking sink, etc. I made the conscious decision to go into the handyman business full time. It's worked out well. I created the name, Guardian Angel Handyman, and trademarked it with the government. So don't try to use my name! Of course, I still paint. But being a handyman is something I really enjoy doing, so I stick with it.

    If you'll go back and click on the "services"  button along that yellow ruler, you'll see some of the projects I've done (more pictures to come), and a big long list of just some of the projects I can do. And, so you know, I never attempt to tackle a project that's out of my area of expertise. I do only what I'm capable of and I will do it very professionally. If there's a job I don't tackle, I have a list of references (professionals I know and trust, many from the  Redding Leads Club which I belong to), and I'll be happy to refer you to just the right person. But there's SO many things I do, and do well, I can usually handle any problem around your home. 

    That's enough for now. That's my story. And, just because I want to, I'm including a picture of me, my daughter Rhonda, and grandson Kaleb. Now, give me a call and I'll be happy to walk your home with you--no obligation--and see areas that may need attention. 530.227.0098




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