Guardian Angel Handyman--Painter

Redding, CA

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Just some of the service I provide

Visual look at exterior for winterization

Sprinkler systems

Cement cracks

Landscape issues

Fence problems

Gates that don’t work

Roof tiles missing

Gutters clogged

Gutters/downspouts rusting (replace)

Any paint issues (interior or exterior)

Dry rot

Mildew present

Nails popping out

Boards in need of nails

Caulking at windows/doors

Any exterior loose connections

Lights that don’t work

Plug ins don’t work

Garage door opener installation

Flashing needs repair

Evidence of leaks at roof

Drainage (ground)

Wind damage

Trees against the house

Evidence of leaks in ceiling

Mold/mildew in baths

Tile problems

Elect. Problems

Faucet leaks

Evidence of floors in need of repair

Paint failures

Carpet issues

Wallpaper problems

Switches don’t work

Bulbs need replacing

Plug-in’s don’t work

Caulking issues at doors/windows

Doors don’t open/close properly

Sliders don’t slide properly

Obvious broken glass panes

Retrofit Window Replacement

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